Your Font Choice Can Affect Sales

FontsTypeface influences the way we read and think, explains Chris Gayomali at The Week. “Words hold power. But the aesthetic manner in which those words are presented can affect the way we read, and the way we think about the information presented.”

In one study, for example, readers were more likely to perceive a statement as true when it was presented in Baskerville than when the same statement appeared in Comic Sans (about which, more here).

Why? The more formal fonts, such as Baskerville, have more “gravitas,” more authority. A more informal or “playful” font, like Comic Sans, doesn’t inspire as much confidence in the information being presented.

Which font is best for a particular purpose will depend on many factors–the audience, the context, the medium–but that choice matters. Even the small advantage offered by the “right” typeface could mean a bump in sales figures.